At Ellie Photography, no one is more important than our customers. We like to think that every client has a unique and special bond with the people they trust to capture their most special moments.

Due to the level of importance we put into our clients and their business, we hold our privacy policy to be one of our most important duties. Read on bellow to find out more about how we protect you, your image and your photos. Use of Your Image – We will never use your image without the explicit permission from you or from whomever owns the rights to the image.

This means that you do not have to worry that your special moments will end up on our website or in any web searches because we put them there. We do believe that particularly touching moments and pictures that exemplify the work of our photography should have a home on our website and we are happy to showcase you or your special moment if you agree to let us use the image for professional development through our website or through any other medium we wish.

Other photography groups do not hold the privacy of your images as highly as we do and remember that we regard the importance of your image above all else.

Sale of Your Image – It is truly horrifying to search something on the internet and find that your image has been placed on someone else’s webpage without your knowledge. Here at Ellie Photography we are on the same page as you, and think there is nothing more distasteful then having your trust betrayed for a quick buck. We promise to never sell or release your image to other companies, persons or groups. Before you jump and make any decisions about hiring someone to take your picture that privacy is a big part of how your image is used.

Ellie Photography is committed to always protecting your image and ensuring that your best interest is protected in distributing images. If you are concerned or want clarifications about this policy, feel free to contact us with further questions regarding our privacy policy. The above statements do not constitute the entirety of our legal obligations or contractual agreements.

They are a statement about the services and the way we hope to carry out business. Actual terms should be discussed in person, by email or over the phone.