We can almost certainly relate to the wisdom of the time pleased adage, you never get a second probability to make a first feeling. How you present your work, when you open up a compendium of your talents in front of an absolute stranger in the hopes of getting their attention and being careful for a photography assignment. You have to put the full strength of your energies, talent and visions into a body of work. Now you are asking someone to put their reputation on the line to hire you. The thing that makes this so hard from any other form of sales is that you are putting a piece of yourself not some mass produced product out for examination that could result in praise, or rejection, or worse, you should be ignored. It is extremely important to have some aim of criteria by which you can judge the efficiency of your portfolio of work.

The Six Elements of an Effective Presentation what makes the elements so unique is that they can be applied to any presentation, not only a portfolio. In other hands, you can use them to judge a commercial, a lecture, a play, a poem, a movie, any kind of presentation. It is not sufficient to say, “I don’t know, I just like it.”

1. Point of View

The first element of an effective portfolio presentation is Point of View. The author must be able to express how they see the world in the most comprehensive and brief way. POV is essential because it is the sum total of the author’s culture, education, employment history, hopes, and a whole host of other manipulates.

2. Continuity

The next important element is Continuity. Once POV has been recognized, the images in your portfolio must somehow link together to have a sense of association. You could also call this element contiguity, but the subject is to reinforce your fundamental viewpoint.

3. Professionalism

The next topic is the Professionalism. The book or portfolio itself must convey that you care about your work on a professional level. There should not be allowed any stray pencil marks, scratched or buckled acetate sleeves, no pieces of tape or dust. The work should be in the order you planned, and you have to be ready to present the second you walk in the door.

4. Simple Message

The next element related to directly back to your POV. It is that the spirit of your portfolio must be competent to be sum up into a Simple Message. You should be able to summarize the spirit of your presentation work in a sentence.

5. Uniqueness

The marketplace is fully based on the economic model of supply and demand. The collection that the smaller provide the higher the demand applies to the field of photography as it does to any other industry. Therefore it is to your benefit to make your work as exclusive as possible.

6. Relevance to the Audience

These six elements of an effective presentation are not in order of significance. POV leads the technique because without it your boat is without a rudder. But your portfolio must be appropriate to the audience to whom you are presentation it.