New Year is a very special occasion because it marks the end of the old year and the birth of a new year. During this night, people get together to have a good time and make exceptional the moment. Some have dinner with the family while some others party with friends. Firework displays garnish the sky and the countdown to the New Year is predictable. This is the only occasion that is renowned by almost every country in the world and the global anticipation is contagious and documentation by TV and radio programs in local and cable channels.

There are some ideas for you to choose from for your resolutions. You shouldn’t be expecting to be capable to keep more than two or three resolutions:

Get out and shoot: This is the big one. You have to be shooting as much as possible. You go on photo walks, meet up with friends, and make a decision to go out the same day each week, or just put away time on your calendar to get out.

Try different kinds of photography and new techniques: If you are a landscape and city shooter, you can try portraits. If you are a sports shooter, you can try macro photography. If you enjoy shooting flowers, must try architecture. You will learn to see the world differently and you will become skilled at new techniques.

Look at lots of photos: If you want to catch better at architectural photography, you should be learning the architectural photographers. Study the best photographers in your field and go to the library and find their books. When you discover an image that moves you, take a few minutes to work out why it works. When you can particularly identify why you like an image, you can then affect that to your photography.

Spend your money on the right things: For a landscape or cityscape or architectural photographer, a good tripod may be more important than a new lens or camera. It’s not as exciting, but when I decided to put $800 into my tripod instead of a macro lens, it was the best decision I’ve made about equipment.

Try new equipment: You can learn rather a bit from using a Tilt Shift lens, an enthusiastic macro lens, or a fast aperture lens if you’ve never used them before.

Figure out what you’re good at and love to shoot: If you want to move above the average amateur photographer, you will have to need to figure out your specialty. No one will ever be memorized as the photographer that takes great landscapes and zoo pictures, and pictures of the kids, and cars, and sports. But if you can focal point on one or two things, you can make yourself unforgettable.

Take a workshop: If you’re serious about getting better, there is nothing better than hands-on instruction and analysis from an instructor. Not only will you meet some great photographers and learn from one of the best instructors there, you will get to take a tour to a wonderful location.