Are you freaking out shooting your first wedding? Do you feel overwhelmed or inadequate? Every experienced professional photographer had his first time. It might not have been the best for them, but you can choose to make your experience different. Why should you learn the hard way when you can slip through and enjoy an easy ride?

Understand your Tools Inside Out

It is no brainer that a photographer should know his gears inside out. Prior to the shoot, ensure you take the time to understand your camera. Get to know all the setting and understand all the modes. Check the Speedlite and lenses settings. Preferably, you should have used this camera before. Once you are certain that you understand all the dynamics of your camera, grab a friend, and try shooting at different angles and styles. Try varying shooting speeds and ensure you are comfortable handling the camera at different positions.

Scout the Locations

For a beginner, you need to scout the wedding photography location some days or even hours before the actual event. You can make a visit to the bride’s home or the groom’s place before the wedding day and familiarize yourself with the environment. Go ahead and visit the church, the reception is, and even the locations you intend to visit during the shoot. It will definitely give you an idea of what you will be up against. You can look through the internet to find out what other photographers have been able to capture in that location. You can then use such photos as inspirations to capture more and do better.

Have a Checklist

Wedding photo shoot isn’t all about capturing what you deem interesting or important. As a photographer, you cannot miss capturing certain incidences. Find out from experienced professionals or even couple and let them tell you some of the sceneries that shouldn’t miss out on any wedding album. Some of the best moments worth capturing include:

  • The boys getting ready for the wedding
  • Bride in the archway on her own(full length)
  • Groom on his own on the archway
  • Bride and groom together(full length)
  • Bride hugging groom from behind
  • Couple exchanging vows

You have a whole lot of things to fill your checklist. Just ensure that you have everything necessary written down so that you do not miss out capturing the defining moments.

Shoot a fake Wedding

Well, practice makes perfect. If your first wedding shoot is a couple of days away, you can get friends together and organize a fake wedding. It is easier memorizing the shots you are about to take by simply shooting many photographs. If possible, you should visit the actual photo spot and have several pictures taken. You will grow an inner sense of self-confidence.

It boils down to you

At the end of the day, you should never forget that you are a photographer. As such soft skills like being humorous, flexible, quick, and friendly should be at the fingertips. Most importantly, you should be ready to think on your feet and make the most out of every shot!