A photograph is not only a representation of reality. It also represents something which could not see an ordinary observer. A photograph is appeal a thousand words to the observer. It has the ability to express the meaning of a particular situation that situation the photograph has been captured. Some people have a hobby of photography, some are professional, and it offers various avenues to aspiring photographers.

The world’s most brilliant photographs do not require the most expensive equipment. A stunning photograph may require the knowledge of an expert eye that can capture a photograph of a special moment in the best way. Color photography achieved popularity from the beginning but photographers are conscious about the full potential of black and white pictures.


To photographers it is the passion for fashion or nature. Photographers can give the preference to check out some of the types of photography that also make fantastic career options like Fashion Photography, Glamour Photography, Advertising Photography, Still Life Photography, Wedding Photography, Fine Art Photography, Nature Photography, Travel Photography, Architectural Photography, Portrait Photography, Photojournalism, Nude Photography, War Photography, Candid Photography, Fire Photography, Forensic Photography, Secret Photography, Macro Photography, Aerial Photography, Headshot Photography, Food Photography, Astrophotography, Child Photography, Black and White Photography, Digital Photography.

Photography is captured depending on the mood of a person, including a focus on the face and expression of a person. This style of photography don’t need professional models, any kind of person can be focused on it. Family portrait photographs are popular today. A photographer can use many creative ways to make a portrait photograph look stunning. Documentary Photography refers an area of photography. Those pictures are used as historical documents. It serves as a source of art or visual pleasure. Documentary photography is often used to incite political and social change, when it is captured the “true” nature of an image or location.  This school of photography uses pictures as a documented proof of an exact situation.


Two of the pioneers of documentary photography are Lewis Hine and James Van DerZee. Most of the times pictures are taken in the layer of documentary photography tend to be awful, unpleasant, and vivid and concentrated to prove a point and remind a viewer’s emotions. Through these images public can learn the truth information about cultural, political and environmental situations. It is not surprising that documentary photography burst out when photographers were documenting the pervasive poverty into the American consciousness during the Great Depression of 1930s. The photographer makes a chance through documentary work to show the interlink layers of life, the aspect of daily continuation, and the unfettered emotions of the people. When it is presented, viewers are encouraged to use their aptitude and personal experiences, and their cynicism. Documentary photographers walk in the wake of on the spot parade of visual information. They gather and capture images, so that can look soft, speak loud, and transform the split second into an everlasting quick look at the truth.