We all want family photography that will be displayed and cherished for many years to come. Every day your family grows and changes, so you will remember every priceless moment if you do not have something to remind you of that. All those precious moments, a smile of your child, photos from our celebrations, love of your family in your new home, your children playing in the playground with their new pet… Family photography helps us preserve all those moments, and remember them over and over again. These photos you’ll love the rest of your life.


The interior decoration with family photos


Family photography can contain photos from your trip, the children when they were babies, family photos with various celebrations, must no longer be only the icon for the folder in which you store your memories. Photos that represent different memories can now become a real decoration of your interior. Digital printing on canvas gives you the ability to convert your memories in striking detail and decorate your walls in the best possible way.


College photos


If you can not decide which photo would best describe your family, digital print them on canvas and create different colleges. It will certainly look much neater and clearer than simply hanging on the board of cork that can destroy your image. Digital printing on canvas is better than a simple frame because you will not have to try too hard finding a variety of frames and leveraging their fight in other shades of the interior, a good choice for those who like collages made up of photos placed at an angle or in different directions.

So colleges can fully replace old and unfashionable paintings in the living room, creating a warm family atmosphere at home.


Large format photo


The same applies to large format photography – digital print on canvas provides the ability to create images in some larger sizes that some people love. Those photos no longer have to be cover image on social networks, but can fully assume the role of wall decorations in your room. Large format photos are very easily manufactured in various sizes, and they look good when they are set with collages, giving a great contrast to their many details. This way you favorite memories are always with you, in your home.


Various filters


Your photos can be passed through different filters, so you can stylize portraits in the style of Andy Warhol, and get real pop-art paintings at your home, where the star will not be the  Marilyn Monroe, but you or a family member. When you think about filters for your family photography, and printing on canvas, you have to be careful with colors on the photo and walls color. You do not want to make a circus out of your home. Neutral colors like cream or pale yellow will fit well with the impressiveness of pop – art, while the vibrant colors of the walls with effective details like this can be too much for space. Digital printing on canvas in this original way will make your family photos shine in new plendor.