Elliephoto-family-photo5-1080x1602Of all of the relationships that we have throughout our lives, family is often the most intimate and important. Regardless of what comes to pass, our family members will never cease to be our family—they have an unbreakable blood-tie to us.

These are just a few of the reasons that pictures of our families can one of our most valued treasures. Both wedding and family photography capture a moment in time where we can celebrate the wonderful institution that is family.

Ellie Photo is available to shoot wedding and family photography throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Family has always been of the utmost importance for Virginian families, and we believe that it is worth shooting. Virginians may contact us through our site to set up an appointment.

Family Photography

Many Virginians choose to take a family photo at big events such as family reunions. It is at these events that Virginians take a moment to celebrate their heritage and where they have come from. Having several generations within one picture can make a very sentimental memento.

Another common time for a family photo is the addition of a new family member. These young families often have not only an infant, but other young children as well. We at Ellie Photo specialize in getting the perfect family portrait, even with difficult subjects such as young children.Elliephoto-wedding-photo7

Wedding Photography

Weddings are a celebration of love and the joining of two hearts and families. Ellie Photo can create beautiful wedding albums for weddings taking place within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contact us to learn more.