People often spend a lot on events but soon, those events become a memory. So, the best way to preserve them is in the form imagesof photographs, made possible by event photography. Photographs are actually about moods, expressions, motions. Photographs bring to the beautiful world and lighten, all which is good and often viewed through the dark prism. It depends on a photographer whether the photographs will be a way to feel the events back in your life or just the waste of money. So, to have a bright career in the event photography, the photographer should know the specialty and beauty of the event and if the photographer is in harmony with the requirements of the event, one can just step back in those moments.

Tips for having a career in the event photography:

1- Shooting event photography is just a tricky game. Good photographers are able to tell a strong visual narrative and get the shots according to the client’s requirements, while still improving the effects by adding their personal ideas. Now it’s also important to be known and have a good reputation among the people, as now the words of mouth are really important in marketing as it is based on references.

2- If you want to become a good and well known photographer, try to make a partnership with an event planning company, see if your ideas match with them. Still if your ideas do not match you can have a good experience and can learn something different which can give your skill new dimensions.

3- If you have a nice online portfolio, good quality photographs with unique ideas and angles then you have more opportunities to get projects from different companies and event coverage. This will be a source of good business for you and also for the company appointing you. Mostly the clients can’t envision the event, even if you describe everything to them. When you have a collection of good photographs then it can evoke the mood of client to go with you.

4- It is sometimes very good to form partners outside the industry as with local costume designers and makeup artists. If the themes of makeup artist and photographer mesh with each other the result could be enhanced and such photographs go hand in hand.

Tips to get good quality photographs:

1-Often while taking photos of groups of people, It is noticed that they tend to arrange themselves into straight lines, shoulder-to-shoulder, as though a class photo is been taken. And also if people are sitting on a couch, they want the photo to be taken from dead centre. And these situations often produce boring photos. While in dynamic situations when people have less space or time to be oriented in specific arrangements a photographer can make the shot more interesting and natural.

2-A jaunty or canted angle also known as a Dutch angle is a photography technique that you can use to give a pleasing effect to otherwise a dull scene. Jaunty angles give a feeling of being alive to photos.

3- Photos are still but it does not mean that they are not live. A single photograph can recall the whole event so during any event or party it is really a fun to shot the people dancing, clinking their drinks, talking to each other, and so on.

4- In an event or party, everyone is not interacting with everyone else so the success of event photography is to build and exhibit a connection between the people through his photos.