Ellie-photo-portrait6-1080x769Life is full of things to do and places to go. If we’re not careful we can let ourselves get caught up in the business going on around us without taking the time to recognize what really matters—people. As an event and portrait photographer, I specialize in capturing the images of those that you love and care about most. Events will come and go, but memories are truly made with people.

For those customers living within the Commonwealth of Virginia, affordable quality is within your reach. All of your event and portrait needs can be met by Ellie Photo. Don’t regret failing to capture precious memories! Contact Ellie Photo for all of your event and portrait photography needs.

Event Photography

Whether it’s a company picnic or a family reunion, an event is nothing without the people that it is celebrating. That being said, event photography should focus on and highlight those people that are important to you. Ellie Photo specializes in documenting your events in a way that really captures how important each individual is to your team or organization.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the art of capturing the very essence of who a person is. A successful portrait not only displays the subject in the most flattering light, but also communicates who a person is by the way a portrait is composed. Ellie Photo can create beautiful, professional portraits by appointment for those living within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contact us about your shoot today!