Elliephoto-wedding-photo15-1080x720Many a survey has been conducted to see what it is that people value above all else. The answer is consistent beyond age, gender and ethnicity—love. Love is beautiful and it is worth preserving! While we can’t put in the time and work to guarantee that your relationship is a success, we can certainly document it for you! Ellie Photo is proud to provide and engagement and wedding photography for those living within the state of Maryland. Contact us here on the site for more information about our wedding and engagement photography services available in Maryland.

Engagement Photography in Maryland

Very few things in life are as excited as getting engaged! Now that you have found the love of your life, it’s time to take some pictures to celebrate! When choosing an engagement photographer, make sure you choose a photographer that can showcase the beauty of the bride to be as well as the ring! Ellie Photo can accomplish all of this at a much lower cost than the average engagement photographer in Maryland. Contact us today to schedule your engagement shoot.

Wedding Photography in Maryland

A wedding is often one of the most important days in the lives of the couple, as well as friends and family. Of course you want your wedding to be a grand event! While the marriage may last for a life time, memories are rarely that enduring. Ellie Photo provides wedding photography services to those being married within the state of Maryland. Contact us to day to learn more about our wedding photography packages.