So you’re about to make the big decision—who is going to be your wedding photographer? If you’re close to a large city, you may have dozens upon dozens of photographers to choose from. While choice can be a very empowering thing, it can also be terrifying if you don’t know what to look for in a professional photographer.

First of all, the professional photographer that you choose should have a substantial portfolio to provide you with a solid idea of how they would go about document your special day. Each photographer is an artist. He or she has a style that is unique to his or her photography. Make sure that you like how the photographer is going about his or her craft.

Second, make sure to get in contact with the photographer—on the phone or in person—to get a feel of the photographer’s personality prior to booking them for your big day. Clashing personalities on an already stressful day could be potentially disastrous. Online reviews of a photographer are another good way to spot potential difficulties with a photographer. If he or she consistently is rude or has a bad attitude, this will show up in the reviews.

Finally, price is ultimately the deciding factor. You may like a particular photographer but be unable to hire him or her due to budget constraints. Price can be a great decision method when choosing between seemingly comparable candidates for the job. Using these steps, you are sure to find the best wedding photographer for your needs and budget.