A well-crafted photo speaks more eloquently than a thousand words. This is the reason why Ellie Photo gives only professional photography of the highest quality.

Photography is more than just taking a picture. It is an art that requires intelligent artistic judgment, instinctive surge of spontaneous and creative ideas and expertise that result from dedicated learning and practice.  All these characterize Ellie Photo’s photography services

How It Began

Ellie Photo is the fulfillment of a young girl’s passion. Back in her native country of Iraq, 12-year old Ellie Asemani’’s interest in photography already showed.  She spent hours learning and developing skills in it.  She photographed nearby beautiful places and historical landmarks around Shiraz, her hometown. She continued building on her photography skills after she moved to the U.S. at age 16 years.  After high school, she started her career in professional photography and design at the Corcoran College of Arts and Design where she further honed her self-learned skills. Her marriage to Ali, another professional photography and design aficionado, completed her personal and professional life. Together, they gathered a pool of makeup artists and fashion designers to form an excellent team that pampers photo shoot clients with customized professional photography services of any kind.

Just Ask, Ellie Photo Delivers

Ellie Photo’s professional photography services are available for all kinds of needs and occasions, both commercial and personal.  For promotional purposes, Ellie Photo brings out the best of any product. With top model high resolution cameras, its seasoned photographers bring out the best angles, attractive and harmonious color combinations and the most appropriate blending of photographic elements for maximum effects.


 Photography Services That Preserve Significant Events in One’s Life

For Ellie Photo, photography is not just business.  For personal photo shoots, it is an artistic passion, a way of freezing for posterity the significance of momentous events in one’s life. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant life events are captured by professional photography in the most artistic and tasteful way.

Tap expert Ellie Photo services and get the best out of photography sessions whether it be in a photo studio, at your home and/or in outdoor locations of your choice.  It may not even be a celebrated occasion, but a wish to preserve the present for posterity through portrait photography or a family photography.  Ellie Photo’s seasoned photographers will respond to that wish.

There is no need to shop around for photographic services for different occasions and purposes.  Ellie Photo is a one-stop outfit for the best photography services of any kind. Tell Ellie Photo your needs and you will have the kind of customized professional photography that brings out the best photos to show around and to keep for posterity