Today commercial photography is more important than ever. As consumers are exposed to more and more advertising, an increasing number of photographs are needed to enhance the text and promote interest in a particular product. eBay and Amazon in particular are great examples of commercial photography that receives a significant amount of exposure. It is well known that well-shot commercial photography in these sites is more likely to convert the sale. Investing in a professional photographer for this task is a very sound investment.

Real estate is another industry that does a significant amount of business online. Potential buyers will often search the web for several days or weeks before visiting a property in person. Having a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the property will make it look much more appealing to potential buyers, resulting in an increased number of visits and ultimately a higher selling price for the property.

Commercial photographers also do business taking pictures of food for menus. Whether it is a well-established fast food chain or a small town diner, many restaurants find that having pictures of the menu items to be helpful to customers wanting to make a decision about what meal to purchase.

Fashion photography also falls under the umbrella of commercial photography. Fashion companies will hire commercial photographers to take pictures of models wearing their clothing. These photographs will serve as advertisements to consumers about a specific clothing line available for sale.

Commercial photographers also conduct business shooting headshots for business cards, websites and portfolios. The commercial photographer does whatever it takes to market a person, business or product through the use of pictures.