The purpose of corporate event photography is to document the ongoings within a particular organization. Corporate event photographers often are hired to take pictures of conferences, birthday and holiday parties, and sales events. These photographs are used internally, often by the company’s human relations department as a way to boost the morale of its employees.

Throughout the year, managers will routinely travel to conferences to learn more about the industry in which they are working. These conferences are often large gatherings of professionals from various companies within a similar field. Taking photographs with each other is a way of showing a friendly attitude towards each other, potentially strengthening business relationships.

Corporate photographers are often called into birthday and retirement parties as well. Professional photography at events such as this is a way of showing an employee that he or she is appreciated by the office.

Holiday parties are also frequented by corporate event photographers. The presence of a professional photographer at this kind of event adds to the prestige of a particular gathering, showing the employees that their employer has made a substantial effort to provide a first rate outing for the office.

Sales events are often documented by professional corporate event photographers as a means of documenting the relationship between two companies engaging in a business transaction. These photographs can be shared within the companies a sign of a good relationship between the two parties, and hopefully a healthy partnership for years to come.