Elliephoto-boudoir4-1080x591Photographers often become interested in the field when they begin to realize that they have an unusual gift to see the beauty in things and people. Boudoir and commercial photography are no different. Whether the photo is of a person or a product, Ellie Photo is able to compose beautiful shots to meet your needs.

Boudoir Photography

Ellie Photo is able to meet the boudoir photography needs of the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, with shoots taking place within the state. We have plenty of past experience in creating boudoir photos that were both pleasing to the partner and enjoyable for the subject to create. We can certainly work closely with each client to create a set of photographs that will not disappoint.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is a powerful advertising tool to let consumers know why they should want your product. The right picture can make a drastic difference in whether or not your next product will be a hit or a dud.

Whether your ad campaign makes use of models or they are simply shots of your product, Ellie Photo can get the job done. We’re able to come to shoots anywhere within the Commonwealth of Virginia to make sure your product can be professionally shown in your next advertising campaign. You know you have a good product. Let Ellie Photo show it off for you! You’ll see the results as customers pour in to get their hands on your product.