Pregnancy confirmation is one of the most important and happiest moments for a lady. There is no other feeling that can beat this feeling. During this period of maternity the expecting mother come across multiple feelings and physical changes.maternity photographyThe maternity photography is one of the best possible way to make would be mother happy and they can keep this god gifted time for ever so that they can cherish the moment later. This is not something easy to deal with. Many time people hire some professionals for the maternity photography but every people are not much comfortable posing in front of the professional photographer. Many people try to take chances all by themselves for the photography and make many mistakes.

Here are some tips written bellow for better maternity photography:

  • The 7th month is the best possible time for the photography when you can get best of shots. The 8th and 9th month is not the good time for the photography as many physical problems start arising like water retention, stretch marks and many more. 7th month is the period when would be mother looks at her best.
  • It is very important to make the subject feel happy. You need to encourage her lot to put up the best of dresses and good make up so she looks fabulous.
  • Do not do your work in such a way that can give her stress. You need to listen to her and need to know about her likes and dislikes. She might have some desire for her maternity pictures. You need make her feel important and do not treat her just like a subject.
  • Try to capture some high angel shots so the picture can flatter her body shape properly.
  • Shooting at her place is the best option so she can feel something homely and later she can enjoy the picture relating with the place. Usually the living room and the bedroom are the best of choices for this kind of photography.
  • You need to keep talking to the subject to engage her in the good mood and you should flourish her beauty so the confidence gets build up.
  • Props from the home might be good option to use so she can feel something happy and confident. Remember the key of maternity photography is to make your subject feel happy and special.
  • It is better option to shoot in color. The black and white picture might look very good but it does not complement the type of photography. Color is the symbol of joy.
  • Some extra care is needed during the photography. Do not go for some kind of composition that could be harmful at that stage. Sometimes the subject gets exited during the shoot and makes some move. Be careful for that.
  • Include would be father in the frame for few compositions and it is very important and relaxing too for the subject.
  • If there is any siblings then do not forget to get them in some of the frames.