Boudoir photography is a style that includes female subjects within their most intimate environment and that celebrates their womanhood. It is not erotic photography – this is a photo where the emphasis is on aesthetics, photos celebrating women and femininity, sophistication and sensuality, photos of each woman turns into a self-confident pin-up girl. On the other hand, the private boudoir photo type for couples and individuals is romantic and with a great deal of taste.


Great boudoir photographer has a philosophy that with their boudoir photos every woman can look like Victoria’s Secret model. They argue the opinion that women’s perspectives and perceptions need to be changed. Every woman can be beautiful, no matter what shape and age.




The word boudoir has always been associated with women’s quarters and throughout history indicating privacy, which is one of the basic postulates of boudoir photography. The emphasis is on sensuality, personality, and individuality. There are many elements on which the boudoir photos can be recognized – the environment is almost always idealized, a woman dressed up and dressed sexy, but always with a sense of proportion and aesthetics, never revealing too much.


Why are boudoir photographs so special?


What is so attractive about these photographs is all about that what is not so obvious, but what is hidden, and it makes the greatest difference between erotic and boudoir photography. Only photography can take different forms: from the playful to the delicate and refined.

The most famous boudoir photographers learned about boudoir photography in France, where this photography is at the highest level. And when you talk about France you think about style, ladyhood, and class. Well, that is how boudoir photographs are, and that is why they are so special.


Focus on boudoir photography


The focus of this photography is to present the beauty of the woman, her attractiveness, her sexuality, but in the way, she will look sophisticated and classy. The process of shooting this photos is always delicate; every detail is carefully planned and organized. Special attention is paid to clothes and makeup, so there is always a bit of mystery related to this photos.

The final product is tailored to a woman’s perception of the beautiful. Retouching is an essential and delicate part of the process of shooting because every woman wants to look beautiful.


Photoshop or not?


Photoshop is not something that should be run from.  It can be used for the final outcome. Playing with light and different lighting option that Photoshop provides, can help the final outcome of this photos and if it is used by professional and the right way, it can be a great tool.


Still wondering?


Boudoir photography is becoming very popular this day because it makes happy not only woman but also their man. More and more man give as a present to their better half boudoir photo shoot, because once they have those photos done, women felt beautiful and attractive, but mystique at the same time.