About Ellie Photo

Putting my passion in the world of camera and passing through many trips with diverse people having different needs and desires from very choosy brides, pretty sensitive grooms, lovely naughty babies, quite serious families, perfection sought businessmen, to appealing gorgeous models, Ellie photography has succeeded to well fulfill their desires not just as a photographer but as one fully know that unique features and seconds must not be missed in each single kind of photography.

Such a non descriptive opportunity to us once you let us be one to shoot the blessing seconds of your life as a romantic frame or an official picture for good. Ellie and her group is standing by the camera or back of the camera, while knowing the breath and depth of willingness and unwillingness as well as likes and dislikes of the one in front of the camera since they are wide aware of the truth that a picture is a real picture when the earnest disciplines of a formal situation or naughty feelings of a baby are vividly touched by a viewer.

Simply put, what to shoot or not to shoot and what to photography or not to photography is a matter of “love” not just a profession to Ellie.