Hailing from the 1900s, boudoir photography has been around for as long as we can remember. While some would call it sexy photography, you can actually capture the best boudoir photographs without necessarily showing any skin. As opposed to the general mentality of bearing it all, you can think of boudoir photography as the edgier side of portrait photography. Nevertheless, you should not forget that this kind of photography is all about capturing images that emphasize the major aspects that a woman find more attractive about her while downplaying what she doesn’t. So how well do you ensure this?

Shoot from Her Perspective

What makes the client self-conscious? What does she like about her body? You should focus the lenses to ensure you capture the images that highlight her assets while putting the thing she doesn’t feel so great about at the background. If possible, you should strike a conversation and let her tell you what she likes about her body. This way, you will be able to capture the moments without spoiling it any bit.

Keep an Eye on Distortion

Generally, whatever appears closer to the camera will look larger in the picture. To minimise any errors, she should be positioned in diagonals. This will further enhance the flatter especially when the photographer is using wide-angle lenses.

It’s all in the arms and legs

Boudoir photography distances itself from the stiff poses evident in professional photography. What she does with her legs and arms matter a great deal. Capture the best arms and legs triangles in lingerie. Concentrate on the positions of the arms and legs and let them capture the magic with it.

Vary the shots

You are only going to get the best of boudoir photography when you vary the shots. Think of close-ups, full lengths and even ¾ shots (ranging from head to knee). At the end of the day, what matters most is capturing her favourite features regardless of what it takes.

Lighting is Key

If you might not have figured out, lighting is always the main reason behind unflattering boudoir images. Before taking the shot, you should stop and ask yourself certain critical questions. Where is the light falling? Where will the shadows be? Watch out for overhead lights, as they are likely to create unpresentable shadows beneath the eyes. Be keen on any white light coming from below. They have the tendency of creating haunted looks. Go for soft diffused window lights since nothing seems to flatter the skin more than them.

Evoke Emotions

Boudoir photography isn’t all about capturing the scenic aspects but the emotions as well. Do you consider her shy, sexy, eddy or even playful? Let that be displayed in the photos. If it means saying things that will make her display her inner emotions, do not hold back. Where necessary, you can share words of encourage to boost her self-esteem. Lessen the tension if need be. It is never serious, after all, right?