Families never realize the importance of having professional family portraits until the need arises. This is especially true for big families who may have posed with one or two family members, but never with all family members present. While your family will always be with you by heart, not everyone can be physically present at all times, for one reason or another. Family photos for posterity Avoid this problem by allowing Ellie Photo to take quality portraits that can be passed on to the next generations. Your growing family portraits can be your family’s very own heirloom and we are here to help you achieve that feat. Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to look back to old photos of the family and see how everyone looked like when they were younger. Creative family portraits Instead of getting awkward family portraits, we talk to the family before any photo shoot and conceptualize unique family portraits that will make the whole family comfortable about what they are doing. The secret to getting good shots is to make sure that everyone is relaxed and happy. While there are families who prefer formal shots, there are those who want to have funny family portraits that show everyone in their unguarded moments. Why settle for one mood when you can have more? Ellie Photo has a creative staff that includes professional photographers who can take creative family portraits. Our photographers can get you into the mood such that you will be posing for them with that serious look on your faces one minute, and your wackiest shots the next. Having fun It’s all about having fun. Whether you want us to get your Christmas family photos or for just about any occasion, Ellie Photo will be there to capture your best poses and candid shots. We can take your photos in our studio or we can set up in a more unconventional location of your choice. Preserve your family’s history through photographs—it is the easiest and most cost effective way of making sure that everyone is well accounted for. Admittedly, it is difficult to gather every member of the family at one place during ordinary days especially if the children are all grown up and some of them have their own families already. Ellie Photo can schedule family photo sessions during birthdays, weddings, Christmas or any family gathering where everyone is present. We know how precious these moments are for you so we make sure that we get top quality and professional family portraits that will stand the test of time. Family photography is a very good reflection of memory; it can to freeze moments in time, preserving them forever and will be loved by the future generations. It is a gift you give to yourself and your family. We do family Photography, maternity photography, new born baby photography and children photography in our studio or wherever you want.